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Reduce Rice Emissions

It’s a dark secret: rice is responsible for more emissions than the entire aviation industry.

Yet, it has only had a fraction of the attention and investment.

Straw Innovations has invested $millions in cutting edge R&D to finally make it possible for you to enjoy your rice with less than half the emissions. The secret is in our proprietary technologies that rescue straw from boggy rice fields – conditions where normal farm equipment doesn’t work. If we didn’t do that, it would typically be burned or left to rot and release methane – one of the most powerful greenhouse gases. We don’t stop there: having collected the straw, we transform it from a polluting waste into a valuable, eco-friendly resource for clean energy and fertilizer for the next low-emissions rice crop. Our platform technologies are the first of their kind in the world; that’s why we’re called Straw Innovations.

Help The Farmers

It’s not fair. The people who work the hardest under the scorching sun to produce our food are also some of the lowest paid in the world. We help rice farmers to work smarter and make more income from their crop. Instead of all the profit going to middle men and big millers, we enable our farmers to get more reward for their effort and break out of perpetual cycles of poverty.

Enjoy Rice Without The Guilt

It hurts to think about it. One of life’s essential and most enjoyable activities – eating food – is also damaging our precious planet more than any other human activity. A third of all greenhouse gases, most of our freshwater use, land use, deforestation… is caused by the food we eat. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.
We hear you. The emissions from rice production are worse than wheat, maize, soya beans, palm oil and all the other crops in the world combined. Its mostly from methane – 83 times more potent than CO2 over a 20 year period. The upside is that, cutting these emissions is one of the fastest ways to tackle climate change. Together, we can do this and more. Now you can switch to low emissions rice and make a positive impact, without having to compromise on quality and flavor. Enjoy your rice without the guilt.

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