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Craig Jamieson

Director & Founder

Brian James Arevalo

Head of Operations

Laumar Alan Dave Grafilo

Engineering Manager

Maybellene Mendoza

Support Services Manager

Jay-Rness Ceria

Business Development Manager

Gabriel Escultos

Field Engineer

Antonneth Marie Jamora

Sales Engineer

Kirsten Jae Laurico

Sales Engineer

Joshua Morato

Safety Engineer

Marius Leonard Nolasco

Systems Engineer

Rico Erasto Ubal

Designs Engineer

Reynaldo Bautista

Finance and Administrative Assistant

Craig Jamieson

Director of Straw Innovations

Craig Jamieson originally trained in horticulture and has a master’s degree in International Rural Development with ‘Distinction’. He has worked in business management, consultancy and also scientific research, specializing in sustainable biofuels and bioenergy. His work has taken him across Africa and Asia developing bioenergy solutions that enhance rather than compete with food production. His clients have included the UK Government, UN FAO, World Agroforestry and the International Rice Research Institute.

In 2016 with support from the UK Government, Craig established an industrial pilot plant making clean fuel from waste rice straw. Straw Innovations Ltd was born and he is now preparing to take it to first commercial scale in the Philippines.

Brian James M. Arevalo

Head of Operations

Brian James Arevalo is a seasoned professional with a 13-year track record in waste-to-energy and reverse logistics operations. Throughout his career, Brian has been a driving force in developing sustainable solutions to address the challenges of developing alternative energy sources. His expertise spans the entire waste-to-energy value chain, from conceptualizing innovative projects to implementing efficient operational strategies. Brian's commitment to a circular economy and his ability to navigate the complexities of alternative fuel resources have positioned him as the Head of Operations at Straw Innovations.

Brian plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's operational landscape. His keen insights and collective approach have contributed significantly to the company's goals, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation. Under Brian's guidance, Straw Innovations has seen remarkable growth, with streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity. His commitment to operational excellence makes Brian an invaluable leader in Straw Innovations.

Laumar Alan Dave R. Grafilo

Engineering Manager

Laumar Alan Dave R. Grafilo is a dynamic and licensed Agricultural Engineer with a Master's Degree in Energy Engineering. He has a passion for sustainable solutions in the field of bioenergy. With a solid foundation in agricultural and energy engineering, Laumar has dedicated five years of his professional career to pioneering advancements in Agricultural R&D  and in the field of renewable energy sources. His expertise lies in the intersection of agriculture and technology, where he has played a pivotal role in developing innovative approaches to harness bioenergy efficiently.

Currently serving as the Engineering Manager at Straw Innovations, Laumar oversees the implementation of cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the straw utilization industry. His strategic vision and hands-on experience contribute to the company's mission of promoting environmental sustainability through the development of eco-friendly solutions. Laumar's commitment to pushing the boundaries of bioenergy and sustainable practices positions him as a key player in shaping the future of agricultural engineering and its impact on a greener, more resilient world.

Maybellene C. Mendoza

Support Services Manager

Maybellene Mendoza is a seasoned professional with 18 years of extensive experience in finance and administrative functions. Her journey in both corporate and research organizations has been marked by a relentless commitment to excellence and a meticulous approach to financial management and administrative operations. Maybellene has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in handling complex transactions, finance controls, and strategic planning. Her analytical skills and keen attention to detail have contributed significantly to the success of the organizations she has been a part of.


Currently serving as the Support Services Manager at Straw Innovations, Maybellene oversees a wide range of support functions, ensuring seamless support within the company's operations. Maybellene's wealth of experience, coupled with her passion for innovation and excellence, positions her as a valuable asset in the dynamic landscape of support services at Straw Innovations.

Jay-Rness D. Ceria

Business Development Manager

Jay-Rness Ceria is a passionate advocate for Filipino farmers, with a proven track record for nearly a decade of driving market growth and building strong industry relationships. His diverse agricultural expertise spans market research, product development, and technical training, honed through years of direct engagement with stakeholders across the vegetable seed, fertilizer, and rice industries.

Jay-Rness excels at bridging the gap between farmers' needs and innovative solutions. He has spearheaded successful campaigns to introduce new technologies and products; spearheaded market expansion strategies; and built robust networks with government agencies, farmer associations, and project partners.

Driven by Straw Innovations' vision to revolutionize the rice industry, Jay-Rness is adept at managing diverse teams, fostering communication, and resolving complex issues. Whether spearheading field demos, conducting pre-market assessments, or delivering training programs, his dedication to farmer success shines through.

More than an agricultural expert, Jay-Rness is a champion for Filipino farmers, committed to empowering them with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive.

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