Meet our Team


Craig Jamieson

Director of Straw Innovations Ltd.

Craig Jamieson originally trained in horticulture and has a master’s degree in International Rural Development with ‘Distinction’. He has worked in business management, consultancy and also scientific research, specializing in sustainable biofuels and bioenergy. His work has taken him across Africa and Asia developing bioenergy solutions that enhance rather than compete with food production. His clients have included the UK Government, UN FAO, World Agroforestry and the International Rice Research Institute.

In 2016 with support from the UK Government, Craig established an industrial pilot plant making clean fuel from waste rice straw. Straw Innovations Ltd was born and he is now preparing to take it to first commercial scale in the Philippines.

Geraldine Ann M. Layaoen

Business Development Manager

Geraldine Ann Layaoen holds a degree in BSc in Biology from the University of the Philippines Los Banos and Masters in Business Administration from the Asian Institute of Management. She started her career in a research institute focusing on rice production improvement. Geraldine combines 5 years of specialized genetic research management with an innate sense of systematic process driven approach and collaborative skills.

As the Business Development Manager, she continuously builds good relationships with local farmers, government agencies and end customers. She is a strong advocate for sustainable development and is continually focused on the triple bottom line of economy, society and environment.

Heathel Loren Z. Layaoen

Head Agricultural Engineer

Heathel Loren Layaoen holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering major in Agricultural Power and Machinery Engineering from the University of the Philippines Los Banos. He started his career in agriculture machine testing and later on joined a company which supplies postharvest machineries for rice production. He owns his own rice farm together with his wife, cultivating Philippine heirloom rice varieties and putting his knowledge of farm management and mechanization into practice.

As the Head Agricultural Engineer, he innovates to avoid bottlenecks in the supply chain for rice straw collection and processing. His vision is to improve and modernise agricultural production in the Philippines and reduce its environmental footprint.

Marie Jehosa B. Reyes

Facility Management Engineer

Marie Jehosa Reyes holds a MSc in Agricultural Engineering major in Land and Water Resources Engineering from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. She started her career in agricultural machinery testing, standards development, policy and development research. Her interest is in making agricultural systems more sustainable and climate resilient.

As the Facility Management Engineer, she designs and leads tests to improve rice straw biogas yields and economics.

Jim Parafiña

Site Manager

Jim Parafina is a mushroom farmer who garnered years of experience using rice straw as the substrate. Using his technical skills, he has set up a spawn lab and mushroom houses that contribute to the pretreatment trials for the improvement of biogas production

As the Facility Plant Manager, he contributes to the smooth operation of the plant. Being a local farmer, born and bred in the area, he helps the company to integrate into the local community.

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Lawes Open Innovation Hub, Rothamsted Research, UK

with operations in Victoria, Laguna, Philippines

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